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Migrate GeoHack to <maplink>
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Jun 7 2016, 9:53 PM
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Oct 16 2016, 6:55 PM
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Tracking task to migrate existing geohack functionality to Kartographer-based <maplink> implementation.

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I just spoke with @Dispenser who gave me some good stats on geohack external link clicks. His stats logs are at
and the summary and proposed mockup.

pasted_file (343×763 px, 63 KB)

Interesting...are there newer stats than from 2014?

@MaxSem ran some data analysis, but I am not sure it included external link clicks. In any case we will make sure to collect that data as well.

Remember that Mikhail and Chelsy are resources for you to use for data analysis. @debt can tell you more. :-)

I don't know if this has already been explicitly mentioned anywhere: IMHO usage of GeoHack (hosted on Tool Labs) should be replaced by Special:MapSources. (I once wrote a POC that inserted the expansions of {{GeoTemplate|NS=y|EW=x|etc.}} in the special page and it worked clean and nicely; the current code of Extension:MapSources might need some TLC.) This allows for better integration with MediaWiki, and also removes the SPOF Tool Labs (and reduces the latter's traffic by a lot :-)). The current (IIRC) OSM map in that template could then be replaced by a <mapframe>/<maplink> call.