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Convert FlaggedRevisions to OOUI
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Due to the fact that FlaggedRevisions does not use OOUI the experience on mobile + Minerva is bad. We should port it to OOUI to fix that.

Convert FlaggedRevision interface elements to OOUI.

T191156 FlaggedRevs _before.png (180×2 px, 22 KB)

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Change 519694 had a related patch set uploaded (by Isarra; owner: Isarra):
[mediawiki/extensions/FlaggedRevs@master] Attempt to convert Special:Stabilization to OOUI

Change 520116 had a related patch set uploaded (by Isarra; owner: Isarra):
[mediawiki/extensions/FlaggedRevs@master] Convert RevisionReviewForm to OOUI

kostajh added a subscriber: kostajh.

Moving to External as various non Growth-Team developers are working on this.

Recently, FlaggedRevs interface got enabled for reviewers in Minerva (see T181242 and T226199). With that change and OOUI not being used in FlaggedRevs, the interface is looking in Minerva like this:

image.png (720×360 px, 24 KB)

Compare with this in Vector:

image.png (165×1 px, 5 KB)

This is, I think, an encouragement to fast-track this task a bit, since right now the over-zealous CSS reset of MobileFrontend coupled with mw-progressive class being applied to all standard buttons make the look of the interface a bit confusing.