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Add "wikitext" as language in Pygments
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Mar 2 2011, 8:32 PM
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Add "wikitext" as a language lexer in Pygments, as used in Extension:SyntaxHighlight

See attachment below for (incomplete) lang='mediawiki" patch.

Upstream Pygments feature request:
Plus older notes at the GeSHi feature requests: ("wikitext") and (MediaWiki). (but nothing in GeSHi's newer GitHub issues).

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As an aside, this is somewhat of an upstream issue, since we just make the bridge that connects GESHI (the syntax highlighter) to mediawiki, we don't actually make the part that does the syntax highlighting. (With that said, if anyone's going to do this, it'd probably be us since we're the only one's who'd need a wikitext syntax highlighter)

intnumerix wrote:

Mediawiki syntax file (draft)

A small test for a mediawiki syntax file.
Some colors are ugly...


intnumerix wrote:

I made a small test (see attachment). It is quite difficult to integrate html tags in mediawiki syntax ... geshi script delimiters cannot work here.

Reedy added a comment.Mar 3 2011, 4:30 PM

Yeah, there's no way for us to put it in..

If you're wanting to do this, the authors are quite accomodating

You will need to get it fully complete I imagine...

But easier to drop a request on their bugtracker. Then when it's added, and in a tagged release, we can update the version this extension references :)

+upstream bug report url

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Change 213964 had a related patch set uploaded (by Spage):
[WIP] Add lang="mediawiki" syntax highlighting

Change 213964 abandoned by Jforrester:
[WIP] Add lang="mediawiki" syntax highlighting

This now needs to be made upstream in Pygments.

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@Seb35 thank you for your note on the upstream issue. Is there anything specific you need help on, to move this forward?

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What was blocking this? Was there an upstream issue?

@ShakespeareFan00 Please read the task description first which does include an upstream issue link. Thanks.

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