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Thanks: Implement an undo feature
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Per discussion in various bugs (T61807, T63737, T55879, T49658) and various threads onwiki,[1] we would like to have a limited Undo feature for "Thank".

The main difficulty to solve, is that currently a 'Thank' will instantly send an (email/echo notification) to the target.

Therefor, some sort of backend delay-mechanism is probably needed,
plus a frontend indication for the Thanker that "undo is possible for x seconds" or "sending Thank in x seconds. Undo?".
30 or 60 seconds have been suggested previously.

On Desktop, this would replace the current Confirmation-step, from the history-page and diff-page. It would also bring consistency to the Thank process in Flow posts (which currently have no confirmation-step).

On Mobilefrontend, it would solve the problem of mis-clicks, without having to implement a confirmation-step.)

[1] search for 'undo', 'confirm', and 'remove', at

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I assume this has to be done in Echo?

The main alternative (afaik), is to implement throughout, so that at least the confirmation-action is located near the Thank-link. (Currently the confirmation dialog on desktop, appears in the middle of the screen, which is usually nowhere near the Thank-link)

On mobile, if there is a confirmation link it would be better situated far away from the large green "Thank" button: one accidental click could easily turn into two accidental clicks (while dropping and catching phone, nodding off to sleep, etc). But an "undo within 30 secs" sounds a good option.

swalling wrote:

*** Bug 53879 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

I've now filed Bug 72903 - Need option to switch off "Thanks", in view of the slow progress on this or Bug 61737.

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A WIP patch for doing the backend part of this is at . I have not really tried to polish this up at all, any volunteer feel free to pick up with that patch or start a new one.

(Adding StructuredDiscussions, because I expect Thanks to be an important part thereof.)