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Indicators (protected icon, featured icon) are not shown in Minerva
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Indicator elements <indicator> are not shown in mobile view. They are not part of the html source code.

In desktop for instance, protected pages are shown like so:

In Minerva we are free to display the protection logo how and where we choose.

This also impacts the featured article of the day (via the Main page)
On desktop a star is shown, but not on mobile

Developer notes

These indicators are defined in templates like so:



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Yeah, MobileFrontend's Minerva skin needs to have support for them added (assuming that it is wanted, I'm not sure if it currently displays FA icons and the like). I completely forgot about it.

Example similar change for MonoBook:

bingle-admin wrote:

Prioritization and scheduling of this bug is tracked on Trello card

I'm not sure where to show the indicators :) If we know this, this could be a gci2014 (is Mobile team participating gci?)

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Could someone please explain what an 'indicator' is?

Do you know the "featured articles" badge/indicator in the top right? It is now added in mediawiki-core, instead of ugly templates :)

I'm still seeing ugly templates in mobile view on English Wikipedia - $( '.top-icon' ).length > 0
Am I misunderstanding how they work?

The templates must be changed by the community to remove the ugly css solutions and replace it with the new indicator tag :)

Is there a tracking bug for that? Seems like a blocker from our perspective...

Is there a tracking bug for that?

Not that i know any. There is already a discussion for the Top_icon template on enwiki:

And a new version of the template in the sandbox:

I don't know, if this blocks us from implementing the feature.

I would say no value comes out of doing this work our end unless they become widely adopted (as this will mean we can kill some of the css rules in hacks.less relating to getting page status indicators to render nicely on mobile). Let's wait and see how this unfolds.

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Is there some kind of plan to get more widespread adoption of these indicators? e.g. a tracking bug?

They're already widely used. For example, uses them (a meta-template used for all kinds of stuff, 38,214 transclusions), as do several top icon templates on the Polish Wikipedia.

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These seem a bit crufty for the mobile view. We don't have much real estate to work with and these indicators are not a critical part of the UI.

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Ping: there is a discussion about that on fr.wp here. I think this should be a must-have.

@Trizek-WMF sure but this is a considerable investment in designing how this should work on a mobile screen and we only have one designer.

we only have one designer.

Ah, you too. :/

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can someone please flesh out the problem statement?

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For sure I'm simplify too much the issue, but maybe could be enough to add the block <div class="mw-indicators mw-body-content">...</div> (or maybe the renamed mw-mf classes) to allow the whole indicator mechanism.

Can this be tried one single minor wiki to test it?

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We can also make the MobileDetect extension works with indicator, if this feature is implamented, an editor would be allowed to determin whether an indicator is visible on mobile screen. If he doesn't want to do, he can use the <nomobile> tag surrounding the indicator, then it would be ignored in Minerva skin.

Have been using status indicator for ; unfortunate that it does not show on mobile… :-(

(off topic, but are there workaround for this? CSS classes I could add to display it on Minerva somehow?)

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As far as I understand, the only major issue preventing us from implementing this feature is that we don’t know where to put the indicators. What about placing them just before the watch star?

Although I would like to hear a UX designer about how confusing the two stars (featured article icon and watch button) next to each other are. (And the size of the icon also doesn’t match, maybe it can be resized by Minerva. Also there can be put some rule to prevent long indicators from showing up on small screens.)

Use-case: As a user, I want to access the help documentation for [feature].

In desktop skins, many feature pages will show a .mw-helplink button for "Help" in the top corner of the content-area - E.g.

In minerva those links are not currently shown.

Implementation - I believe this section might indicate how it is done?

(I was about to file a task, but then found this one. Pasting my draft above.)