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Provide "RC Filters" functionality on the watchlist
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Here are the main tasks we need to complete to release the RC Filters functionality on Watchlist:

Deployment steps:

T176382: Roll back changes to gadgets that affect boldface on Watchlist (and update legend and documentation)
T171030: Announce and follow up with communities about the New Filters for Watchlist Beta feature

T176348: Add 'View newest changes' and 'Live update' to Watchlist
T171235: Standardize system for indicating unseen/seen changes on Watchlist
T175062: Update gadgets for seen/unseen styling
T172030: Integrate Watchlist-management links and page info into the new UX
T174725: Turn off 'classic' ORES highlighting on the Watchlist (with beta)
T173540: Add Watchlist to the language describing New Filters on the beta preferences page
T171134: Set default filters for beta users of Watchlist
T171218: Separate the user's 'Saved filters' on Watchlist from the user's 'Saved filters' on RC page
T171132: Initial setup of watchlist to use new UI
T171127: Adapt 'Watchlisted pages' filter group (or create similar one) for Watchlist
T171121: Rename 'Mark all pages as Visited" button to "Mark all changes as Seen" and put in the new UI style
T171233: Consult community re. how to adapt indicator for "unseen changes" on Watchlist
T176191: [betalabs] Watchlist - empty markers displayed for seen/unseen changes

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I ran into T175041: scap sync failed on i18n (apparently unrelated to our code, but I cancelled the i18n deploys as a result).

However, I deployed "WLFilters: adapt to customized watchlist-details" ( and "WLFilters: wrap Watchlist-details in a div instead of a p" (

Change 378263 had a related patch set uploaded (by Catrope; owner: Catrope):
[operations/mediawiki-config@master] Enable $wgStructuredChangeFiltersOnWatchlist on all wikis

Change 378263 abandoned by Mattflaschen:
Enable $wgStructuredChangeFiltersOnWatchlist on all wikis

Abandoning in favor of which has the same production change but also removes the Beta Cluster override.

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This was completed on 19 September 2017.