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Remove support for legacy pre-MCR schema
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Once all code has been ported to use the new MCR schema, B/C code for the legacy schema should be removed:

  • remove support for pre-MCR schema from RevisionStore, WikiPage, and related classes
  • remove $wgMultiContentRevisionSchemaMigrationStage variable

This requires the removal of all references to rev_text_id and ar_rev_id, and any other direct access to the legacy schema, in the code base (including extensions).

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daniel created this task.Jul 1 2018, 12:18 PM
daniel triaged this task as Normal priority.
daniel updated the task description. (Show Details)Jan 21 2019, 2:41 PM
daniel added a subscriber: BPirkle.Feb 8 2019, 4:17 PM

@BPirkle want to look into this? No need to drop other stuff if you are busy. This is just something that's coming up, and seems like something you could take on.

I'm happy to, but it appears that I cannot edit or claim the task.

I was, however, able to claim T198341. I'll start there.

I'm happy to, but it appears that I cannot edit or claim the task.

That's odd, there should not be any restrictions to that effect. @Aklapper can you have a look? Thanks!

Krinkle added a subscriber: Krinkle.Sat, Jun 8, 8:58 PM

@daniel Given 1.33 has already been cut and scheduled to be released this month, is this something we should defer to the MW 1.34 milestone instead? Or do we have reason to backport it to 1.33 with limited testing? (Or perhaps has this already been resolved?)

Agree, this should be moved to 1.34.

Agree, this should be moved to 1.34.

Sadly, yes. This is very close to done, but didn't quite make it in.