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Add redlink experience to empty search results on Mobile (JS version)
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When the precise search term was not found, desktop MediaWiki search results include a red link using which a new article can be created:

Such a red link doesn't appear on the mobile search results. We should add one so that people can more easily create pages from mobile.

Note: there are two different search experiences on mobile: JS and non-JS. The non-JS experience is shared between desktop and mobile and as such any updates will need more consideration. It has its own task here: [will add link].


current desktopcurrent mobileproposed mobile

Developer notes

This will require changes to the SearchOverlay a component using inheritance right now. While that code remains in that form this may work against our removal of technical debt so we may want to stall this until that happens.

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@alexhollender - I think this is something can be considered for AMC. Tagging with your backlog and the AMC project

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Just for clarification, this is what happens on desktop/Vector:

Here is a basic proposal for how to address this on mobile/Minerva:

@ovasileva curious what you're thinking here about AMC vs. doing this change for everyone?

@alexhollender - I think this qualified as a good change across the board. let's do it for everyone.

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(No idea why did this happen. I didn't mean to remove people, of course. Thanks for restoring, @CKoerner_WMF.)

@alexhollender - I think this qualified as a good change across the board. let's do it for everyone.

Weeeeeee! \o/

This might make sense on projects like Wikipedia, Wiktionary, or Wikiquote, but does not make sense for Wikisource.

Wikisource already has (daily now) people creating blank pages in place of content.

Adding the option to start a work on Wikisource through a mobile device because they didn't find it when they searched for it makes little sense.

The devs who are working on this should take care to implement it only for people who have the createpagemainns user-right (ability to create pages in mainspace) else there could be a messy UX situation where a person is asked if he wants to create a page and then is informed that he is unable to do so.

geraki added a subscriber: geraki.Feb 19 2019, 10:02 AM

Note: There is no "Create page" while typing on the search field, even in desktop. I believe we should keep it this way.
In elwiki we have modified MediaWiki:Searchmenu-new giving two red links in order to give the option to use either WikiEditor or VisualEditor to create the page. In fact it is the only way to create a page using VE since the first edit (T194128 has not been addressed yet).
I believe most experienced users will never use mobile creation, so it would be a good idea to open the red link straight with visual editing instead of source editing.

The feedback is appreciate, but I think there's a little confusion. This task is about adding a feature to search results on mobile to be more like desktop. For example if I search for "not a real page" on English Wikisource (both logged-out or logged-in) I see a red link under the search box that says "Create the page "Not a real page" on this wiki!" from which I can create a new page. The same search results on mobile do not show a red link under the search box. That is the change this task proposes.

The ability to create new pages (from mobile or desktop) does take into consideration local wiki user rights.

Jony added a subscriber: Jony.Feb 25 2019, 3:17 PM

I think this task is almost ready to go. The blocking element is the icon "add article" icon, which is not currently in OOUI. I've spoken with @Volker_E and he thinks it would be a good icon to add.

I am noting the preferred process here so I can refer to it when I have time to create the icon.

  1. Download icon template from Wikimedia Style Guide
  2. Create icon in Illustrator
  3. Export SVG and add to resources folder (WikimediaUI-icons-SVGs - add file & update .zip) as well
  4. Optimize SVG with SVGOMG or a similar plugin
  5. Commit patch to DSG Git repo
  6. (Volker) Bring it to OOUI

For completion, the optimized final SVG:

The feedback is appreciate, but I think there's a little confusion. This task is about adding a feature to search results on mobile to be more like desktop.

Yes, we understand this. What we are saying is that mobile should remain different.

Someone on their mobile phone goes to the Italian Wikisource and does not find Tolstoy's novel "War and Peace". Do they need a red link to add the entire text of the novel from their mobile?

No one on Wikisource creates documents from a mobile. Adding the red link will cause many more bad pages on Wikisource. It is not helpful to have the red link on mobile.

alexhollender updated the task description. (Show Details)Mar 8 2019, 4:30 PM

I've just added some updated designs to the task description. I sent them to the design team for review so will see if I get any notes in the next few days, otherwise I think we can consider this good to go.

Alright, the two points of feedback I received were about feature parity between the JS and non-JS search results experience. Since they are independent issues I think it makes sense to put them in a separate task. I will note them here for completeness (and so I can reference this when I have time to make the separate task).

This pertains to the case where a term returns no search results, but 1) the system has a recommended "did you mean" option, and/or 2) the term appears in other pages. Currently in the no-JS search results experience we show these two elements (did you mean, and in other pages), but in the JS-enabled version we do not. The feedback was to include these things in the JS-enabled description.

current (with JS)current (no JS)potential improvement (no JS)

As there doesn't seem to be additional design work needed on this task I am going to move it out of the design column.

alexhollender lowered the priority of this task from High to Normal.Mar 13 2019, 4:45 PM
Jdlrobson added a subscriber: Jdlrobson.

One of the constraints which I'm sorry for not pointing out before is the search page HTML is the same on mobile and desktop, so to change mobile we'd also need to change the desktop...

The changes in the left screenshot for this look sound:

but can I suggest we pull the changes in the right screenshot into another separate task that also changes desktop?

alexhollender renamed this task from Search results on Mobile web don't include a red link to create a new article to Add redlink experience to empty search results on Mobile (JS version).Mar 29 2019, 4:59 PM
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@Jdlrobson I've updated this task to scope it to the JS version only. The design is complete so I am moving it out of the design column. I will create the non-JS task now.

Jdlrobson lowered the priority of this task from Normal to Low.

@MMiller_WMF @ppelberg any interest in this task? I think it could be an important feature as it may serve as a bridge between reading and editing. Unfortunately our team hasn't been able to prioritize this.

@alexhollender -- thanks for pointing this out. This immediately makes me wonder how many pages get created via the redlink on desktop. More specifically, something like "what percent of new pages (that are not subsequently deleted) created by new editors on desktop are created via the search redlink?" I don't expect that we have the instrumentation to actually answer that question.

Anyway, we'll keep an eye on this task. One of my concerns (as others have brought up) is that our experience for creating totally new pages from mobile is not good -- maybe this would make more sense once we have more structured support for new page creation from mobile.

Masumrezarock100 added a comment.EditedWed, Sep 11, 4:03 AM

Not sure why @EncycloPetey thinks that having a create page option on mobile is "not helpful". I am a heavy mobile user and I create articles and new pages too. Just because no one does it, doesn't mean no one ever will. And that "no one" word doesn't even fit here. Search all edits using "New page", and "mobile edit" tags I am sure you will find many pages.