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Couple page link notification to watchlist
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Author: femkemilene

When enabled, you can get a notification when a page you made is linked from another page.
I think it would be an enhancement if you could also get a notification for pages on your watchlist.



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Thanks for taking the time to report this idea!

Could you elaborate what exactly you refer to when you write "when enabled", and how to "get a notification when a page you made is linked from another page", so there are steps anybody else could follow? Thanks in advance.

This request came via the dutch wikipedia-helpdesk, see: (dutch).

As far as I understand, this is about the notifications you get via Echo if a page links to a page you created. The request is to also be able to get notifications if a page on your watchlist is linked.

On a personal note, I like the concept to be able to add and remove pages from the list you get notifications for links being made to it, but I think it is better of being a separate list, as watchlist can grow quite big, and the pages you want this for can be different to the pages you want to watch. But it can certainly help if you want to keep links to a certain disambiguation page under control, which was the reason for this request.

femkemilene wrote:

Andre Koopal, that's indeed what I meant :). And making a separate list sounds okay to me, but it might be a bit annoying to manage two watchlists, so the option to simply use your normal watchlist as a "new page notification watchlist'' would be welcome.

It certainly can get annoying when you end up creating a page that's often-linked, but you end up not being that interested in that topic, or the links really don't add much (e.g. I created the AmazonMP3 redirect, so various band pages end up linking to that).

If we can find a non-intrusive way to manage this, that would be good.

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One way that this could work is that there could be a new preference in the Notification preferences:
Create page link notifications for:

  • Pages I created
  • Pages in my watchlist

When a page-linked EchoEvent was spawned, instead of just looking for the page creator, it would also look for all instances of the page in users' watchlists for users that had the new preference enabled.

A more complicated implementation would be to create a new special page similar to Special:EditWatchlist that was automatically populated with all the content namespace pages that a user had created, but that the user could freely add and remove pages for. Maybe it would be called Special:EditLinkNotificationList. It would probably require a new database table to function efficiently though.

I'd like add that I'd see this really helpful as well. Also because several articles were created by editors who have already stopped editing wikipedia. Lugnuts for example created many articles and he is blocked by now. So all his AfDs notifications go unanswered by him. Somehow a feature lets the reviewers get notifications of AfDs of articles they patrolled for six months after they reviewed it.

The ideas described by Kaldari above in 2016 seems sounds really good.

I have found which talks about the same or very similar issue as here. Maybe you know already about it, but maybe not? Maybe you could join forces and get it done? It'd be really great. Thanks for all you do, dear developers.