Improve code contribution guidelines for patch authors
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This task item was mentioned as one topic in the Developer Summit session T114419 and hence is a subtask of T101686. See also T207.

Task summary to be improved - please edit.

Improve initial quality of contributed patchsets and communicate expectations.


Intention: Improve the situation described in (and to some extend )

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I'm tentatively assigning this task to myself for the next quarter (April-June 2016) but if someone wants to work on this task earlier, please go ahead!

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Note to myself: Make sure that only covers technical, Gerrit specific, review aspects and is different from "generic"

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Planning to resolve this task this week.
Watch for changes.

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Things take longer (sigh) but now lists prerequisite expectations; expectations about the patch (scope, testing, docs); and dealing with obstacles (no timely review and further reasons for rework or rejection).

28 edits later:

I'm closing this task as it seems sufficient.

Further improvements encouraged. Dropped an email on wikitech-l about this.

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