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Scoring should perhaps take into account added text rather than all text
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suggested enhancement: At the moment, an edit will (as far as I can tell, and forgive me if I'm wrong) be scored if there is a trigger word anywhere in the diff, even if it was not added in the edit in question. As a suggestion, if it is not easy to identify "added text", one could use the heuristic of "in the 'after' text but not in the 'before' text".

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Problem here is that mediawiki doesn't make a difference between old and new. Mediawiki should be able to provide only a new text of a diff so that this check can be done against it.

Please open a feature request for that in product "MediaWiki" and link it as a blocker of this bug

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this ticket was moved from github, originally created by someone else, see linked ticket

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currently this is blocked by upstream bug, I am lowering priority until the blocking bug is fixed

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this temporarily fixes the problem