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Create empty state mockups for *non-user* talk pages
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This task is about implementing a new experience for not-yet-created/empty non-user talk pages.

User stories

Understanding the purpose of non-user talk pages

  • As a Junior Contributor landing on a NON-USER talk page that has not been created, I want to know what this talk page, and others talk pages like it, are used for, so that if at some future point I have a question about how an artifact (e.g. a Wikipedia article, guideline, policy, etc.) is and/or ought to be written, I know where to go.

Initiating a conversation with other volunteers

  • As a Junior or Senior Contributor landing on an empty NON-USER talk page with something I would like to talk with other volunteers about, I want to be able to quickly and instinctively recognize what I should do to start a new topic so that I feel encouraged to collaborate with other editors about changes I am not certain about.
  • As a Senior Contributor landing on an empty NON-USER talk page, I want to be able to quickly recognize what I need to do to edit the page so that I can add a template to the talk page.
    • Example: adding a Wikiproject template, like {{WikiProject Jazz}}), to the page. Note: this behavior is most common at


This section will contain designs for the "empty non-user talk page" experiences on mobile and desktop.


  • Designs for mobile and desktop that fulfill the stories defined above are posted to the Mockups section.

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