Show changes in moved text chunks (C++)
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Currently of diff pages, moved paragraphs are considered a deletion and a subsequent addition. This leads to the situation that people always need to read through all moved paragraphs to make sure, that nothing has changed apart from the position.

Using the currently existing display methods, show changes in moved text chunks. This means, that only the part that changed is highlighted.

Diff engine changes need to be implemented both for php and c++. This ticket covers the C++ part

This is part of fulfilling wish #2 of the 2015 German-speaking community wishlist survey: T139603: Show text changes when moving text chunks (#2)

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Change 319866 had a related patch set uploaded (by WMDE-Fisch):
Extend WikiDiff2 to show changes inside moved paragraphes

The case where a paragraph appears to have been moved to several places, and words deleted from the inserted copies, can't be displayed correctly. The workaround which is currently implemented shows only the first inserted paragraph as "moved". Users will rarely, if ever, see this edge case, so it is probably sufficient. Other suggestions to solve this are welcome.

Example diff:

It turns out that Tool Labs doesn't have the Wikidiff2 extension installed. Mediawiki falls back to some default diff implementation in that case (probably PHP) which produces slightly different output than Wikidiff2. I have set up two Labs instances with *unpatched* and with *patched* wikidiff2, so we can show a side-by-side diff of the diff code with and without our patch, yes that sentence makes sense.

Example: before | after

The wikis pull data from the same MariaDB server, so changes made in one wiki will show up in the other.