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Early adoption signup for WMF GitLab
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Please comment below if you have a project / team who would like to experiment with moving projects to the Wikimedia Foundation's production GitLab instance early in the migration.

Keep in mind that this will entail use of a new system as we learn how to operate it, and we hope that early adopters can help us sort out inconsistencies, define workflows, write documentation, etc., in service of making migration an easier and better process for the rest of the community.

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We on the Abstract Wikipedia team would like to volunteer to help out with this. We have a repo we think is a good early candidate, and we even have a task: T281500: Migrate function-schemata to Wikimedia GitLab when we can.

Folks who have so far indicated we should get in touch about this: Chris/ML, PET, Dan Andreescu / Analytics, Scott Bassett / Security, Kate Chapman / Architecture, Eric Gardner / Structured Data, Kunal Mehta.

I wasn't that active in the overall Wikimedia Tech world for the last time, but I would like to throw my hat into the round as well and hope to be able to give some valuable feedback, especially for Community-Projekts (non-WMF deployed) once. Mainly it would be the Google login, CookieWarning and AcceleratedMovilePages (currently on GitHub without CI) extensions. Confirmed it _could_ be interesting, too, however, it's a WMF deployed extension, so might be out-of-door for the beginning (as well as I'm not the only stakeholder).

I would be interested in transitioning some of the third party extensions that I maintain, for example: CommentStreams, CreateUserPage, DisplayTitle, EmailAuthorization, JSBreadCrumbs, OpenIDConnect, PluggableAuth, SimpleSAMLphp, and TitleIcon.

I maintain a fork of "RecentActivity" extension here
I would be interested in experiment with the move.

In the performance team we have a couple simple repos that I think could be a good candidate to move first: performance/mobile-synthetic-monitoring-tests and performance/synthetic-monitoring-tests are just configurations repos that we use to run our synthetic testing.

BlueSpice would also love to take a part in the early adoption. We can test with Extension:Privacy. runs and we'd be happy to migrate to GitLab. We merge translation commits from, and have Jenkins build set up, so not sure if that's tricky for the migration, but we're happy to do it together.

WMF online fundraising don't have existing repos to migrate, but we're interested in exploring a version control system for our fundraising banners, and would be happy to test out GitLab for this

If the people are okay with it, Iā€™d be interested in moving the source code of the Wikidata Lexeme Forms tool to WMF GitLab (currently on Diffusion and GitHub). The tool receives pull requests with translation updates up to twice a week, along with occasional volunteer contributions.

greg triaged this task as Medium priority.Jun 14 2021, 5:21 PM

Would be happy to be on the front lines with Wikibugs2, as it needs to be adapted for GitLab (T288381). Eat your own dog food, etc. (cc @Legoktm)

Android (and possibly iOS) would be interested in investigating an earlier move to GitLab once CI/CD is possible. We have CI/CD workflows built into our current GitHub setup, and want to be able to recreate them.

brennen edited projects, added GitLab; removed GitLab (Initialization).

A slightly edge-casey library is which is not on gerrit and is also an npm package, so I'll need to point npm to the new location (Come to think of it I might be the only one with the rights to do that since mobrovac left? need to fix..). Happy to do that earlier rather than later but not be helpful as a template for other repos.

Also which is also exclusively on github and is a template library so isn't itself deployed anywhere, so moving it should be (dare I say) one of the simpler ones to do. T290157

I would be very much interested in participating with the MediaUploader extension.

Not sure if I was supposed to say something here first, but I've just created four new repos in GitLab to host the individual Metrics Platform Backlog client libraries.


I would also like to signup for early adoption to GL and help with migration of moving projects if its allowed.


Hello! We at RedWarn would love to signup for early adoption. We currently host our code on, so this could be a good test for GitLab CE's project importation features.

The Security-Team would be interested in migrating some of our tooling repos over to Gitlab as soon as we can. Thanks!

The Data-Engineering team would like to use GitLab for a new requirement around Airflow. I have added some details of the requirement here: T286958#7450771

I would like to migrate some repositories related to Tool-itwiki (from GitHub). Thank you!

I'm not sure if this is still relevant, but I'm starting to develop the components of the Web2Cit project, a system for collaborative web translation (i.e., citation metadata extraction).

Because I have experience with Github and no experience with Gerrit, I decided to create the source code repositories in Wikimedia's Gitlab directly:

Will create appropriate people/ and repos/ groups for everyone on this list who doesn't currently have access within this sprint, then resolve this task in favor of individual requests to the new GitLab project group request form.

Under the umbrella of Image-Suggestions, the Structured Data team is currently working together with the Platform Engineering team on a repo that lives in GitLab:

@brennen, the experience is smooth so far, just one quirk to note: it looks like I can't clone code via SSH, while HTTPS works fine. Steps to reproduce:

  • go to user (top-right icon) > Preferences > SSH keys
  • paste your public SSH key
  • push the Add key button
  • git clone
  • output:
Cloning into 'datapipelines'... Permission denied (publickey).
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Please make sure you have the correct access rights
and the repository exists.

@mfossati I'm able to clone it without any problem. Please try running this first: ssh-add. Or please open a subtask with me as assigned. Probably your key is freshly generated in your computer and not added into your keyring.

Thanks for the quick reply, @valerio.bozzolan ! I've just opened T302614

@brennen is it possible to use the import tool to import that project directly to /repos/research/mwaddlink? When I try to use it, it only lets me add something in /kharlan namespace.

brennen moved this task from Radar to Done or Declined on the User-brennen board.

@brennen is it possible to use the import tool to import that project directly to /repos/research/mwaddlink? When I try to use it, it only lets me add something in /kharlan namespace.

As I remember it, you need to directly have permissions to create a project in a given group (that is by group membership), but a) some things about this might have changed, and b) I may be misremembering the specifics.

I'm resolving this open-ended task as obsolete at this stage of things. There's currently a process in place for requesting groups, and GitLab is now routinely used by various projects.