Add support for (the equivalent of?) editintro and preload
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In VE, new users may use tutorials/wizards which use editintro/preload features, which aren't supported by the visual editor yet.


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I think editintro/preload would be very useful not just for new users, but for many kinds of repetitive administration tasks/queries for which preloads are now used. Having TemplateData integrated (I guess), users could be presented the fields they have to fill in the visual way, avoiding errors and fully controlling the input.

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Editintro/preloud are parts of inputbox extension? Or how it is related?

Editintro and preload are parameters supported by the core, but it is "hidden feature", which is exposed natively by InputBox extension (on non native - using external link)

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I've merged the above, and copied the details into the description above.

nominating this as Q1 blocker, since this is closely tied to the current BLP practices on english wikipedia, a very visible and sensitive part of our policies.

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We've encountered this issue too on a private MediaWiki.
Would be really great to have this supported - this would make the VE more versatile in some use cases!


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These tasks *really* shouldn't have been merged, despite being about 'the same' area of code (one is about important functionality half done through on-wiki hacky JavaScript, the other is about modifying a fundamental user pattern in core to work with VisualEditor); un-merging.

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