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Implement global gadgets (WMF-wide)
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Aug 10 2009, 12:17 AM
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It should be possible to have global gadgets, that are available by default on the gadget list of each WMF wiki. This is specially useful for keeping a single central copy of popular gadgets, such as hiding global notices, or HotCat, WikiMiniAtlas, etc.

The possible repositories would be Meta-wiki or (see also T59336: Make metawiki the central OAuth wiki).

This probably depends on T16950: [Epic] Support global preferences on Wikimedia wikis to be fixed first

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@Legoktm removed a blocking task: T31272: Implement Gadgets 2.0 (tracking).

To elaborate on this, the original plan was to implement a ForeignRepo concept in Gadgets (similar to what we have for files, as used on Wikimedia wikis to reference files from Wikimedia Commons). However this part of Gadgets 2.0 was scrapped pending outcome of T71445. See there for more information.

Removed that from the roadmap, so people don't get too excited until 2021...