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Wikimedia needs a URL shortener (tracking)
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Nov 13 2012, 10:46 PM


I tried to find an existing bug for this, but surprisingly, I wasn't able to find one. We need this especially for Notifications/Echo.

Currently there is Extension:ShortUrl, but the URLs generated by this aren't much shorter than the existing URLs.

We also can't use most 3rd party services due to privacy concerns.

The main thing we need is a short domain name. This would most likely have to be donated or granted to us, as short domain names are not cheap.

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At Wiki Loves Monuments we can really benefit from having this URL shortner. We'v had a lot of trouble with photos whose link has non-standard English characters in them. This would make out lives much easier.

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We could really use use cases for academic posters, so we can point people to wiki pages in a simpler way.
Slides and presentation are another use case.

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I was hoping we'd gotten around to solve this. I'd love to have a shortener that shares are vision about privacy, better if it's our own.

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Ticket is over 5 years old and has the most "love tokens" i have ever seen on any ticket. Yet it is _still_ blocked by T108557 and _that_ is blocked by T191592 and "Request (and respond to) a product review, if applicable" (no ticket for that?). Can we raise priority somewhere?

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Hey @Legoktm, @kaldari - I'm hoping that there might be a status update on this?

How about ? - Would someone help me with that?

In the short term, I would at least wish for a "private" area. Here you could at least upload your "digital heritage". Everything else could be settled sometime later.

@Molgreen nominations for the wishlist survey are still open for two more days. :-)

I have adapted my proposal so that the chances of realization may be higher . . . :-)

@EdErhart-WMF: Thank you for your nudge

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Update: the URL Shortener will be deployed on Meta on April 11th :)
The user documentation is now online: Please help us translating it in the languages that you speak!
The announcement will follow today. I'll send it to the biggest wikis as well as some mailing lists, feel free to help me spreading it in the communities where you're active.
A big, big thanks to everyone who helped this feature finally getting live!

Brilliant idea! Thanks a lot. Could you, please, add a Special:Interwiki "ww" wikilink prefix ([[ww:3]] ->

Sounds very cool, thanks!

I see there's an API to create a new shortened URL, but is there an API to resolve a short URL to its target?

Thanks again!

Heads-up that there are already some questions and requests on

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Many thanks to everyone involved in bringing this feature live, and thanks in advance to the people who will maintain and improve it <3

@Ladsgroup - Any plan to deploy on all wikis? Maybe a link in the sidebar - Shorten URL / Shorten this URL.

For now, the service is enabled on Meta only, because of the rate limit. However, linking from you wiki to the Meta page is possible and can already be done by the community (probably the interface admins)

For now, the service is enabled on Meta only, because of the rate limit. However, linking from you wiki to the Meta page is possible and can already be done by the community (probably the interface admins)


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Hi! Please add and URL Shortener for Thanks!

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Hi! Please add and URL Shortener for Thanks!


  • Please make another ticket for this. Each ticket should focus on one issue and this issue (deploying a url shortener in production) is resolved
  • Your request is unfortunately impossible due to design of the system. You can't assign any custom url (they go up incrementally so you can guess what will be assigned next but you need to wait for the right time)
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Any reason to not include * to whitelisted domains? In my humble opinion shortening of addresses of tools may be useful.

Can I use the new feature in Wikipedia or Wikimedia Commons? If yes how?

Can I use the new feature in Wikipedia or Wikimedia Commons? If yes how?

See a previous comment in this thread:

Many Thanks!

Really great, I waited a long time !!!

Two questions:

• How stable are the Shortener links likely to be?
• Could a field be provided in the description (of commons files)?

This task is resolved. says "in discussion". Should that page be updated to... something?

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