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[Epic] Bring Nearby feature back to the Android App
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The Nearby feature allows users to see articles based on location. It is a feature that currently exists on iOS but was removed from Android (T228661). This was due to issues with OpenStreetMap. After receiving several requests to revisit adding the feature back to the app our team explored the feasibility to add Nearby back to the Android app. After collaborating with @MSantos we learned of improvements to WMF Maps. Once it became clear it was feasible to reintroduce the feature to the Android app. We then needed clearance to prioritize the work.

One of the goals of the Annual Plan is to:

Interested readers will discover and browse more content, measured via a 10% increase in internally referred page interactions in representative wikis.

We believe by reintroducing this feature it will increase interactions with Wikipedia articles, which gives us the runway to work on this project.


  • KR 1.1: X% increase in pageviews for users that engage with feature
  • KR: 1.2: Users that engage with Nearby have higher pageviews than those that do not
  • KR: 1.3: X% increase in articles saved to reading lists
  • KR: 1.4 10% increase in article page interaction as a result of internal app referral


  • KR 1.1: At least 70% of representative users that provide feedback about feature report satisfaction

Curiosities (nice to have)

  • How does our engagement and return rate compare to engagement when the features was formally in the app?
  • How does engagement with Android Nearby compare to iOS?
  • Which actions are most commonly taken within the feature?
Target Quant Regions and Languages


Target Qualitative Audience


Must Haves
  • Provide a Map View and List view when someone launches the Nearby feature
  • Allow users to view articles on a map from article view and launch Nearby

Within Map View

  • When a user clicks on a map marker, allow the users to read, save and share an article, as main actions
  • In the overflow menu of a map marker, and allow users to save to watchlist
  • Provide a search that allows users to search articles prioritizing articles near them
  • Before a user types they should see recently searched articles
  • Get a user's permission before going to their location
  • Map should honor dark modes

Within List view

  • Let users see how far away an article map marker is away from them

Nice to Haves

  • If a user wants to get directions take them to their map app
  • Support multiple languages in the search

Potentially out of scope

User Stories
  • As a Wikipedia Android app user traveling to a new city, I want to know what articles are nearby, so that I can learn more about my surroundings.

Event Timeline

Jazmin mentioned this to me today. I wanted to point out that there might be an opportunity for web and apps to share code here. The existing NearbyPages on web is portable - it can run outside MediaWiki.

Standalone app:

The web view doesn't contain a map view, but it has been requested (T303813) so I think we could easily find some web engineers (including myself) interested in working with apps to add one and share code between the two platforms.

Would an Android engineer be interested in exploring what a WebView version of Nearby in apps would look like and what the pros and cons would be?

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